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Good solutions require experience

Large-format displays and merchandise holders are a piece of architecture. Simple assembly and safe standing are to be ensured at the point of sale also under full load. This requires good and experienced “architects”. We at R&S Display offer both:

The production site was founded in 1996 under the name R&S Display GmbH. In 2018, the Hanau-based company was acquired by SCHELLING AG and integrated into the group of companies. Its roots go back into the Sixties to the company Druck und Display. This longstanding experience is the reason why our solutions bear their own signature: We often choose design paths that are different, focussing on an easy production and a quick assembly at the location of use.

With about 20 permanent and 30 freelance employees at its production site in Hanau, SCHELLING is capable of managing orders in every scale from development over prototyping up to production and logistics in a competent, flexible and timely manner.
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